Terry Ponder (Broker)
Telephone: (205) 536-7241 (direct)

Email: terry@ponderproperties.com

Terry is the founder of Ponder Properties Commercial Real Estate LLC, a full service commercial real estate firm. Joining Terry at Ponder Properties Commercial Real Estate are his two sons and daughter, making it a true family business.

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GLENN PONDER (Commercial Agent)
Telephone: (205) 536-7240 (direct)

Email: glenn@ponderproperties.com

In 2001 Glenn joined Ponder Properties Commercial Real Estate, a full service commercial real estate firm. Glenn specializes in property redevelopment, new development, investments, sales, leasing, tenant representation, and property management.

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STEVE HOUSE (Commercial Agent)
Telephone: (205) 408-9911 ext.3

Email: steve@ponderproperties.com

Steve House, a thirty-year veteran of commercial real estate, joined Ponder Properties Commercial Real Estate on March 1, 2011. Steve is experienced in sales, leasing, and all aspects of commercial real estate. He has had the opportunity to participate in the development and management of numerous commercial projects and has secured properties for various investment groups.

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STAN BUSSEY (Commercial Agent)
Telephone: (205) 536-7245 (direct)

Email: stanbussey@ponderproperties.com

Stan is the newest member of our team and brings with over 20+ years of commercial real estate experience.  Stan has been involved in Sales and Marketing since the early 1970’s when he sold Specialty Advertising all over the Southeast.

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MELANIE THORN (Bookkeeping)
Telephone: (205) 536-7244 (direct)

Email: melanie@ponderproperties.com

Melanie was recruited by Ponder Properties Commercial Real Estate in early 2004. As our Comptroller, Melanie guides and conducts the firm’s day-to-day operations. She also administers the Property Management division, working closely with our clients, our tenants, and our vendors. As of this writing, Melanie controls almost half a million square feet of our clients’ assets, coordinating over 200 tenants among forty-four properties in Shelby and Jefferson Counties.

KEITH PONDER (Property Management)
Telephone: (205) 536-7243 (direct)

Email: keith@ponderproperties.com

Keith joined Ponder Properties Commercial Real Estate in 2000, during the company’s very early stages of growth. He was responsible for lease drafting, marketing, and all other administrative duties. In 2004 he helped Glenn jump-start the new Property Management division and handled multiple duties until the division grew to the point where we brought in additional help. Keith continues to oversee the Property Management division, and in addition, he creates and synchronizes all of Ponder Properties’ marketing and advertising.

Ponder Properties Commercial Real Estate
850 Corporate Parkway, Suite 106
Birmingham, AL 35242
Ponder Properties is a full service commercial real estate firm specializing in leasing, land and property sales, property development, property management, and light industrial development. Ponder Properties is also a leading broker for restaurant sales and leasing in the Birmingham area.